Doctornorm has the musical cure for what ails you. His new album, The Message is the Music, communicates just that. A kaleidoscope of music styles, the good doctor begins with a rousing Dixieland-style tune, slides into the blues, kicks things back up with the title song, and then slips into a finger-picking style folk song. The album goes on to shift from bawdy to ballad to rock.

Originally from Chattanooga and now residing in Sewanee, Tennessee, doctornorm was first recorded by his dad when he was four years old, taught himself how to play the guitar when he was thirteen, and eventually took up the five-string banjo. He began performing at the age of 15, and one of the bands he played with, the Innside Five, won a recording contract with Dot Records and their single, Going Away for to Leave You, was released nationwide. Doctornorm’s life took a detour when he left music to join the U.S. Navy. He  subsequently returned to school to get a PhD, then became a clinical  psychologist and a university professor, but his heart has always belonged to music. Doctornorm is back and has been performing locally for the past few years.

Independent music reviewer, Alec Cunningham of Knoxville, writes, “Sometimes his lyrics can be raunchy, as in Am I in Love or Just in Heat Again, other times they can be heartbreaking and genuinely delve into the heart of the matter, such as in I’m Leaving Him.” Alec rates the album four stars out of five.